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  • Polo Ralph Lauren Glasses

    All-American approach, timeless style, classic designs with a modern edge is what the Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren designer eyewear range is about. From Western-inspired metal detailing showing the finest quality craftsmanship to vintage styles that embodies classic elegance, Ralph Lauren frames come in a wide range.

Polo Ralph Lauren

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Showing 1 - 18 of 61 items
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  • Polo Ralph Lauren Glasses

    The Ralph Lauren Story

    Ralph Lauren founded his clothing business in 1967. His first clothing collection, Polo Ralph Lauren became the official outfitters for Wimbledon. 40 years on and Ralph Lauren has grown into an empire, redefining American style. The brand then grew and diversified into home furnishings, as well as casual wear, inspired by the English heritage. The finest materials combined with iconic brand elements gives this collection that unmistakable style.

    The Eyewear Collection

    Ralph Lauren eyewear offers every woman a timeless style but with a modern appeal. Most of the optical frames are pretty and have a slim feature which would appeal to women who have a classic fashion style. Those who want a more contemporary look go for the thick frame arms. The simple metal detailing against the chunky design really brings the frame alive. This collection mainly consists of rectangle frames as this is the most popular frame shape. It’s easy to wear and looks great no matter what you wear.

    You can also find a range of designs, from vintage silhouettes to glamorous oversized shapes. The optical collection gives the modern woman striking ways to make her own style statement. Many of the brand’s optical frames are produced from acetate plastic. Acetate is easier to mould and kinder to the skin than metal frames, hence why there is a wide usage of the material and availability. Acetate can also be coloured and mixed with other materials or fabrics to create a really unique frame. The metal materials used to create the eyewear are usually stainless steel although you can get titanium frames too.

    Some of the big names wearing Ralph Lauren spectacles include; Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox-Arquette, Ashton Kutcher and Chad Michael Murray. The sleek and comfortable designs of the eyewear have added to its increasing success. Most of the designs are simple and refined, making them suitable for both casual everyday wear and occasion wear.

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