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  • Swarovski Glasses

    Bold, diamond like shapes, truly eye-catching, seductive design and romantic crystal paved frames are the main characteristics of the Swarovski glasses designs.


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Showing 1 - 18 of 24 items
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  • Swarovski Glasses Online | Swarovski Prescription Glasses

    Swarovski Glasses

    The Swarovski Story

    Swarovski was founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895. Initially starting off as a small family-run business in Austria cutting crystals for jewellery with growing success, Swarovski has opened hundreds of boutiques all over the world and of course in fashion city centres like; London, Paris, New York, Milan and Tokyo. The Swarovski crystals are famed for their brilliant shine and beautiful cut. From fashion designers to musicians and actresses, they can’t get enough of the crystal-cutting company.

    Later, the company developed the Swarovski Elements concept where crystals are cut and sold to fashion, jewellery, lighting and interior industries. Today, we can even find their crystals used for nail art designs.

    Swarovski Eyewear Collection

    The first Swarovski optical collection was launched in 2011. The brand wanted to investigate new markets and push the boundaries of innovation in terms of design. The brand new Swarovski frames collections have attracted a lot of attention throughout the mass market and have dramatically increased in popularity over the years. Their intricate and detailed designs have yet to fail to impress as more and more people pick Swarovski eyewear.

    All of the Swarovski optical models have names like “Alchemy”, “Ana”, “Authentic” or the “Apppeal” decorated with the Swanflower® motif.

    The quality material and excellent manufacturing processes mean that the final product is always entirely perfected. Several of today's celebrities choose to wear Swarovski frames and sunglasses including Cheryl Cole and Christina Aguilera. There are thousands of frames to choose from with varying styles, lens colours and frame colours; meaning there is something for everyone with Swarovski.

    The eyewear collections by Swarovski have been heavily influenced by their crystal cut jewellery lines as we can see bold, diamond like shapes throughout most of the eyewear line. That being said, there are also more simplistic and refined designs available too. Since Swarovski pride themselves in quality and perfection, they always ensure strict quality control checks on every pair of frames produced to make sure that the wearer is 100% satisfied with their purchase.

    The frames are designed to be durable, comfortable and long-lasting; so there are no uncertainties that you are making a worthy investment when buying Swarovski frames.

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