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Ted Baker Glasses

Ted Baker Glasses

Fashion house Ted Baker launched their eyewear collection back in 2001. The designs see rich colours and patterns in a variety of styles to suit your personal preference. The glasses take inspiration from the 50s and 60s classic shapes which are timeless and back to rock today's fashion. The brand offers a popular and diverse luxury range.

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  1. Ted Baker Dinah TB9163
    Ted Baker Dinah TB9163
    Was £120.00 Now £45.00
  2. Ted Baker Rush TB8241
    Ted Baker Rush TB8241
  3. Ted Baker Silas TB8218
    Ted Baker Silas TB8218
  4. Ted Baker Blaine TB8228
    Ted Baker Blaine TB8228
  5. Ted Baker Fisher TB4310
    Ted Baker Fisher TB4310
  6. Ted Baker Lang TB4312
    Ted Baker Lang TB4312
  7. Ted Baker Lenna TB9199
    Ted Baker Lenna TB9199
  8. Ted Baker Adelis TB9185
    Ted Baker Adelis TB9185
  9. Ted Baker Corliss TB9176
    Ted Baker Corliss TB9176
  10. Ted Baker Lora TB9207
    Ted Baker Lora TB9207
  11. Ted Baker Tallie TB2263
    Ted Baker Tallie TB2263
  12. Ted Baker Christa TB9186
    Ted Baker Christa TB9186
    Was £141.00 Now £69.00
  13. Ted Baker Odis TB8238
    Ted Baker Odis TB8238
  14. Ted Baker Wiley TB8230
    Ted Baker Wiley TB8230
    Was £114.00 Now £81.00
  15. Ted Baker Nisse TB4298
    Ted Baker Nisse TB4298
  16. Ted Baker Berg TB8231
    Ted Baker Berg TB8231
    Was £126.00 Now £88.00
  17. Ted Baker Weaver TB4289
    Ted Baker Weaver TB4289
  18. Ted Baker Noble TB8198
    Ted Baker Noble TB8198
    Was £126.00 Now £64.00
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Ted Baker & the Power of Word of Mouth

The idea of the Ted Baker brand came to the Managing Director, Raymond Kelvin whilst fishing one day and a year later in 1988, he opened his first store in Glasgow. The brand initially launched as a shirt specialist in menswear. The first stores used to provide a laundry service for every shirt purchased and this enabled people to remember the brand and spread the word about them. Ted Baker is the only brand, within its sector, to be built into an international designer label without any advertising. Ted Baker is known for the out of the ordinary marketing and is one of the only brands to heavily rely on the traditional word of mouth advertising that has proven successful.

The Ted Baker collections have now expanded from menswear to womenswear, accessories, fragrances, skincare, watches and eyewear.

Classic & Contemporary

Kelvin’s personality is expressed throughout all of the designs. All of the designs focus on quality, attention to detail and a hint of humour. Think of an old-fashioned look with a contemporary twist. Classic and quirk remain consistent throughout and that is what makes the brand instantly recognizable. The Ted Baker brand name stems from a fictitious character that derives from Kelvin's vivid imagination.

Ted Baker Eyewear Collection

Ted Baker glasses and sunglasses were first launched in 2001. The eyewear, like the clothing range, has a fusion of classic and contemporary styles. The glasses take inspiration from the 50s/60s classic shapes that are timeless and wearable with today's fashion. The highest quality materials are used and each frame is hand finished with Ted Baker’s signature touches.

The eyewear collection sees rich colours, classic keyhole features and a variety of style to suit your personal preference. To emphasise a vintage feel, a German 7 pin barrel hinge is placed, to firmly holds the frames and lenses together. In addition to this, there is a quintessential logo inscribed on the temple ends of the frames. This logo is signed on every pair of genuine Ted Baker glasses and sunglasses and proves its authenticity. Simplicity breathes throughout the collection which means they suit any outfit. The brand is at an affordable price and a diverse luxury range is offered which is why it is so popular.