Thom Browne Glasses

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  1. Thom Browne TBX911
    Thom Browne TBX911
  2. Dita Argand DTX123
    Dita Argand DTX123
  3. Thom Browne TBX912
    Thom Browne TBX912
  4. Thom Browne TBX910
    Thom Browne TBX910
  5. Thom Browne TBX908
    Thom Browne TBX908
  6. Thom Browne TBX906
    Thom Browne TBX906
  7. Thom Browne TBX905
    Thom Browne TBX905
  8. Thom Browne TB903
    Thom Browne TB903
  9. Thom Browne TBX418
    Thom Browne TBX418
  10. Thom Browne TBX417
    Thom Browne TBX417
  11. Thom Browne TBX412
    Thom Browne TBX412
  12. Thom Browne TBX410
    Thom Browne TBX410
  13. Thom Browne TB101
    Thom Browne TB101
  14. Thom Browne TB711
    Thom Browne TB711
  15. Thom Browne TB109
    Thom Browne TB109
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Based in New-York, Thom Browne created his eponymous label in 2001 from scratch. He wanted to bring something different to the fashion industry in terms of design, innovation and cut. He first launched his two-piece suit line which has now become synonymous with the brand and is very popular in the fashion industry circles. His distinctive design style and eye for the trends and what is in fashion has now been transferred to eyewear. After his introduction to womenswear in 2011, we have seen the fast growth in popularity and appreciation Thom Browne products.

Thom Brown glasses have been described as contemporary with classic proportions coupled with a directional aesthetic. They are practical yet keep on trend with the current design styles on the market meaning that they are not far in popular esteem. In our collection, we have a few of the frames that are round, rectangle and square in shape. They have a calm androgynous male feel but are all unisex.

As has become the Thom Browne design aesthetic, the frames have a certain dramatic flair to them as well as being true to the Thom Browne vision of precise and classic design. At a price point that reflects their quality and the prestige factor that comes with owning a pair of Thom Browne spectacles, our selection has been hand selected for the typical Fashion Eyewear customer who is enthralled by luxury and high-quality pieces with a modern classic twist.