Tom Ford

The stylish Tom Ford eyewear range is original and contemporary, with a key focus on details. If you appreciate quality and love classic shapes but want a modern twist, this the perfect choice for you. Tom Ford frames look and feel fantastic and are most definitely made to last, making them a great investment for your eyes.
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  1. Tom Ford TF5401
    Tom Ford TF5401
  2. Tom Ford TF5401 CLIP-ON
    Tom Ford TF5401 CLIP-ON
  3. Tom Ford TF5295
    Tom Ford TF5295
  4. Tom Ford TF5294
    Tom Ford TF5294
  5. Tom Ford TF5388
    Tom Ford TF5388
  6. Tom Ford TF5196
    Tom Ford TF5196
  7. Tom Ford TF5355
    Tom Ford TF5355
  8. Tom Ford TF5408
    Tom Ford TF5408
  9. Tom Ford TF5479-B
    Tom Ford TF5479-B
  10. Tom Ford TF5477
    Tom Ford TF5477
  11. Tom Ford TF5435
    Tom Ford TF5435
  12. Tom Ford TF5558-B
    Tom Ford TF5558-B
  13. Tom Ford TF5557-B
    Tom Ford TF5557-B
  14. Tom Ford TF5556-B
    Tom Ford TF5556-B
  15. Tom Ford TF5555-B
    Tom Ford TF5555-B
  16. Tom Ford TF5554-B
    Tom Ford TF5554-B
  17. Tom Ford TF5553-B
    Tom Ford TF5553-B
  18. Tom Ford TF5552-B
    Tom Ford TF5552-B
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The Tom Ford Eyewear Collection

Film director and American fashion designer Tom Ford launched his brand in 2006. Being recognised for his admirable turnaround of the House of Gucci products and his fantastic film ‘A Single Man’, Tom Ford has made several impressive accomplishments. His expertise includes products in menswear, women's wear, accessories and fashion eyewear which he has excelled in incredibly. His simple and refined designs have attracted hundreds and thousands of supporters.

The Tom Ford spectacles are comfortable, practical yet luxurious and durable, which has added to its success. The Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses collections are incredibly popular and have been the choice of several celebrities of our time, including Scarlett Johansson, Rita Ora, Eva Longoria, Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus or Kate Upton in her famous Vogue photo shoot. Although new in the industry, the revolutionary designs have had a huge impact on the mass market and are increasing in popularity each passing day. There are several benefits of purchasing Tom Ford varifocals and glasses.

Style & Quality for Your Eyes

The excellence in the quality and manufacturing process are incredibly reliable due to the extremely strict quality control. They are produced in such a way that it increases the accuracy of vision protection and correction. Tom Ford frames look and feel fantastic and are most definitely made to last, making them a great investment for your eyes.