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Burberry Frames | Burberry Spectacles

Founded in 1856 when he was 21 years old, Thomas Burberry started up his first clothing company selling outerwear. His aim was to produce practical, functional and innovative outerwear for all weather conditions. He opened up his first shop in London, 1891; it was only a small store but enough for Thomas at the time. In 1895, the predecessor to the iconic trench coat, the 'Tielocken', a waterproof coat, was designed.

By the early 1900s, the company grew and had to relocate to a larger store which still stands today at Haymarket in London. His coats were favoured and worn by aviators, military men, and world explorers. In the 1920s the Burberry Company created its first women’s collection. In 1933, the equestrian knight logo was made the trademark icon of the company. The other signature trademarks i.e. the check pattern and quilting were incorporated into designs later in the 1960s.

From the 1990s to the new millennium the designs became more sensual, modern, and luxurious but still had the classic British style. Burberry frames and sunglasses were launched in 2006. The eyewear designs are inspired by the brand’s identity and signature icons. The frames look sophisticated and modern making them a great investment for those who adore fashion accessories. If you are a big fan of glamour and contemporary fashion, you will love what the brand has to offer.

Whether you like fully rimmed frames, semi-, or rimless frames there’s a model for everyone. If you want a brand that can offer you quality, style and comfort, this is the right brand for you. Always make sure you buy from authorised sellers to avoid buying counterfeit or replica models. Authentic Burberry glasses come with a unique model and colour code and are manufactured by the Luxottica Group. Luxottica are based in Italy; they produce and distribute the brand’s optical glasses and sunglasses collection.