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Calvin Klein Frames | Calvin Klein Spectacles

Since it was established in 1968, the Calvin Klein Inc. company has managed to gain a notorious status by being a worldwide household name. Everywhere people have heard of Calvin Klein. Most people will surely know someone who owns or had owned a Calvin Klein product, whether it was underwear, clothing, or eyewear. The Calvin Klein eyewear line has just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Calvin Klein Inc. has been operating for over 45 years.

The brand’s eyewear line is split into three different collections; Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein Jeans, and CK Calvin Klein. All three collections offer a unique and different style from sophisticated and sensual to urban, edgy and raw. The Calvin Klein Collection is at the top of the price range and CK Calvin Klein is at the lower end of the price range, offering consumers a variety of prices and styles to choose from.

This eyewear brand is right for you if you want to invest in a fashion designer brand that is internationally recognised and passionate about quality, comfort and function in mind. Calvin Klein frames are made to very high standards. Each frame in the manufacturing warehouse is meticulously put together by hand. Any detailing on the frame is also in-laid by hand. Any machinery used that is used to help make the eyewear is manually operated and not automatically done to ensure that the quality of the eyewear is at the highest level.

Most of the Calvin Klein spectacles can be fitted with varifocal lenses and standard single vision prescription lenses. People who have very high prescriptions (+/- 5.00) will need to invest in thinner and lighter lenses with an index of 1.67 or higher. By investing in thinner and lighter lenses, they won’t stick out oddly in your beautiful designer frames or look unsightly. If you need varifocal lenses and it’s your first time wearing them, optical experts recommend investing in an advanced varifocal lens as they are the best choice for first-time wearers, offer the best field of vision and is easier to adapt to than the cheaper standard varifocal lenses.