Alexander McQueen Sunglasses

Daring fashion visionary Alexander McQueen married an artist’s creativity with exquisite technical brilliance. Unusual details like the iconic skulls, unexpected shapes, references from nature and the medieval world set the Alexander McQueen sunglasses apart.

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  1. Alexander Mcqueen AM0200S
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0200S
    Was £408.00 Now £163.20
  2. Alexander Mcqueen AM0188S
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0188S
    Was £282.00 Now £124.08
  3. Alexander Mcqueen AM0134S
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0134S
    Was £345.00 Now £151.80
  4. Alexander Mcqueen AM0189S
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0189S
  5. Alexander Mcqueen AM0177S
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0177S
  6. Alexander Mcqueen AM0135S
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0135S
  7. Alexander McQueen AM0059S
    Alexander McQueen AM0059S
    Was £336.00 Now £168.00
  8. Alexander Mcqueen AM0193S
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0193S
  9. Alexander Mcqueen AM0186SK
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0186SK
  10. Alexander Mcqueen AM0183SK
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0183SK
  11. Alexander Mcqueen AM0170S
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0170S
  12. Alexander Mcqueen AM0137S
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0137S
    Was £369.00 Now £162.36
  13. Alexander McQueen AM0120SA
    Alexander McQueen AM0120SA
    Was £276.00 Now £138.00
  14. Alexander McQueen AM0106S
    Alexander McQueen AM0106S
  15. Alexander McQueen AM0078S
    Alexander McQueen AM0078S
  16. Alexander Mcqueen AM0192S
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0192S
    Was £363.00 Now £145.20
  17. Alexander Mcqueen AM0184SK
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0184SK
  18. Alexander Mcqueen AM0178S
    Alexander Mcqueen AM0178S
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The McQueen Story: From Savile Row to Givenchy and McQ

British Luxury brand Alexander McQueen was founded in 1992 by fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen and has changed the British fashion world for good. Once a Savile Row apprentice, the born and raised Londoner was studying at Central Saint Martins when his graduate collection caught the eye of the late fashion stylist Isabella Blow. McQueen soon became one of the key personalities in luxury fashion design. He created both ready to wear and haute couture collections as the chief designer of Givenchy (1996-2001) but left the company “constraining his creativity” to concentrate on his own brand.

McQueen rose to fame with his daring and radical theatricality, controversial silhouettes and couture finishes. This extraordinary marriage of exquisite tailoring, technical brilliance and innovative and often shocking designs and fashion shows surprised audiences. The McQueen designs have many celebrity fans, including Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Lee Alexander McQueen died in 2010 at the young age of 40. Following in his footsteps, Sarah Burton, McQueen's design partner was announced as the new creative director of the Alexander McQueen brand. Burton took on the challenge of continuing the brand’s signature style of dark rebelliousness and romantic fantasy and took the McQueen legacy to further heights.

The McQueen Sunglasses Collection

The Alexander McQueen eyewear collection features high fashion eyewear with signature McQueen details, such as skulls, gold studs, and contemporary shapes. It definitely is a brand for those who like to stand out and set themselves apart from the crowd. Despite its unique design, Alexander McQueen eyewear is wearable and creates an elegant look with any outfit. This luxurious brand is only available at the most prestigious and exclusive optical stores in the UK and worldwide.