British whimsy with a hint of street cool, the Burberry sunglasses are inspired by the same iconic symbols that characterise the brand's ready-to-wear collections: distinctive tweeds and plaits, the signature Burberry tartan check, the knight-and-horse logo and the famous Burberry trench coat. Burberry sunglasses are never out of style and provide timeless standards of quality in a beautifully practical form.

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  1. Burberry BE4261
    Burberry BE4261
  2. Burberry BE4260
    Burberry BE4260
  3. Burberry BE4259
    Burberry BE4259
  4. Burberry BE4251Q
    Burberry BE4251Q
  5. Burberry BE4241
    Burberry BE4241
  6. Burberry BE4239QF Asian Fit
    Burberry BE4239QF Asian Fit
  7. Burberry BE4239Q
    Burberry BE4239Q
  8. Burberry BE4236
    Burberry BE4236
  9. Burberry BE4235Q
    Burberry BE4235Q
  10. Burberry BE4234F Asian Fit
    Burberry BE4234F Asian Fit
  11. Burberry BE4234
    Burberry BE4234
  12. Burberry BE4233
    Burberry BE4233
  13. Burberry BE4226
    Burberry BE4226
  14. Burberry BE4224
    Burberry BE4224
  15. Burberry BE4210
    Burberry BE4210
  16. Burberry BE4205
    Burberry BE4205
  17. Burberry BE4193
    Burberry BE4193
  18. Burberry BE4180
    Burberry BE4180
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The Burberry Check – From Trench Coats to Sunglasses

Founded in 1856, Thomas Burberry had brought his idea and dream to life by designing the ultimate piece of outerwear that could be worn all seasons. His goal was to create something innovative yet extremely beautiful. Today, we recognise Burberry for its luxury goods and the iconic beige trench coats and macs. Burberry became a household name thanks to the adventurers, aviators, cartographers and mountain climbers who always chose to wear Burberry outerwear during their expeditions.

Though the company produces accessories and other clothing garments outerwear still remains at the heart of this British brand. High-quality goods, innovation, and style are at the core of not only their ready-to-wear collections but also the eyewear collection. Launched in 2006, Burberry sunglasses are inspired the brand’s British identity and signature icons: the check and quilting patterns, and the equestrian knight logo.

All of the sunglasses models have an elegant British glamour appeal; these frames are perfect for those who appreciate practical and simplistic beauty. The sun collection contains many different styles; from the classic aviator style to the modern graphic squared style. Most of the eyewear is branded with the company’s trademark double-check pattern. If you’re more daring with your eyewear and want avant-garde style designer sunglasses, go for the oversized round or oversized square model with stitching effect on the edges of the frame and frame arms. Complete with gradient lenses, these luxury sunglasses really are worth every penny!

The Burberry Sunglasses Collections

To pay homage to the Burberry heritage, the brand launched a new range of aviator sunglasses in 2012. Burberry chose British musicians including George Craig, Marika Hackman, Samuel Fry and The Daydream Club from the UK to promote their latest aviator sunglasses collection.

The 2014 collection is inspired by the Prorsum runway: oval frames in muted tones, black and white or vivid colours with hand-applied with crystals and lace designs. Celebrity admirers of the Burberry sunglasses include Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence.