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  • bvlgari

    Bvlgari Sunglasses

    Famous for its luxury jewellery designs, Bvlgari sunglasses features similar key elements to its celebrated jewellery and watch lines: glamorous and chic with a bold, unique style. If you are looking for quality, craftsmanship and luxury above all else, Bvlgari should be your choice of eyewear.


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Showing 1 - 18 of 52 items
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  • Bvlgari Sunglasses

    The Bvlgari Story

    Substitute the letter ‘V’ for the letter ‘U’ and you’ll know how to pronounce the name Bvlgari. It is a company that was started by one man and his mission for delivering his customers beautiful jewels. Greek Sotirio Bulgari (born Sotirios Voulgaris) left his hometown to travel to Italy in search for work and better living. He opened his first jewellery store in Via Sistina, Rome in 1884.

    Brand Expansion

    As the company grew, so did the need for expansion and diversification. The brand later expanded into perfumery, accessories including eyewear and watches, and even hotel spas and resorts. Their products became increasingly celebrated and were adorned by the royalty and wealthy people of their time. Most celebrated were some of their Bvlgari frames and sunglasses lines with its bold and original designs. The company’s success allowed them international expansion, where they were able to open boutiques in New York, Paris, London, Geneva and Monte Carlo.

    The Eyewear Collection

    The Bvlgari Eyewear range launched in 1997, representing an additional step in the development of a complete line of Bvlgari contemporary accessories. Bvlgari Eyewear’s classic and modern day styles, intricate details, and high-quality components, it definitely is worth the investment. Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most famous fans of the jewellery brand, with her husband, Richard Burton even famously saying:

    "The only Italian word Elizabeth knows is Bvlgari."

    The Bvlgari sunglasses designs show off the fine Italian quality and craftsmanship combined with beautiful Greco-Roman art. The strong passion for using precious gems and metals in their innovative designs contributes to the brand’s success. It’s what sets the company apart from other luxury brands. Every gem and jewel is inlaid by hand and the frames are made by talented Italian craftsmen. After the eyewear is created, it is put through strict quality tests to ensure that customers are receiving the highest quality products without fail.

    "Le Gemme" Collection

    This collection is dedicated to the ultimate Bvlgari woman. In the women's range, the collection features a range of optical glasses and sunglasses made from precious metals such as gold, and gemstones such as amethyst, sapphire, mother of pearl, and citrine. Fine detailing or exquisite jewel embellishments are highly favoured in the eyewear. Swarovski crystals and other precious gems are used to embellish the eyewear frame or temples. These are inserted individually by the hands of talented Italian artisans. In the men's range, the Bvlgari sunglasses are masculine and modern. The detailed frame arms have a sleek, fashionable appearance.

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