Adventurous and dynamic, Carrera sunglasses are for those living life in the fast lane. The Italian brand has its roots in racing with technology, innovation and safety being at the core of their eyewear designs. Worn by icons like Al Pacino or Robert De Niro Carrera sunglasses have been popular for decades promoting an active lifestyle with no regrets.

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  1. Carrera 8029/S
    Carrera 8029/S
    Was £120.00 Now £65.45
  2. Carrera 1001/S
    Carrera 1001/S
    Was £111.00 Now £66.00
  3. Carrera CA Flagtop II
    Carrera CA Flagtop II
    Was £123.00 Now £72.00
  4. Carrera 5041/S
    Carrera 5041/S
    Was £81.00 Now £49.00
  5. Carrera 5003
    Carrera 5003
    Was £81.00 Now £49.00
  6. Carrera 132/S
    Carrera 132/S
    Was £135.00 Now £79.00
  7. Carrera 113/S
    Carrera 113/S
    Was £150.00 Now £65.46
  8. Carrera 172/S
    Carrera 172/S
    Was £108.00 Now £64.00
  9. Carrera 5052/S
    Carrera 5052/S
    Was £138.00 Now £60.49
  10. Carrera 218/S
    Carrera 218/S
    Was £132.00 Now £57.76
  11. Carrera 208/S
    Carrera 208/S
    Was £162.00 Now £70.96
  12. Carrera 216/G/S
    Carrera 216/G/S
    Was £162.00 Now £70.96
  13. Carrera 8031/S
    Carrera 8031/S
    Was £150.00 Now £65.45
  14. Carrera 1026/S
    Carrera 1026/S
    Was £150.00 Now £65.45
  15. Carrera 1024/S
    Carrera 1024/S
    Was £162.00 Now £70.96
  16. Carrera 1025/S
    Carrera 1025/S
    Was £162.00 Now £70.96
  17. Carrera 4013/S
    Carrera 4013/S
    Was £114.00 Now £67.00
  18. Carrera 4012/S
    Carrera 4012/S
    Was £123.00 Now £72.00
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The Brand

The company made a name for itself in the 1950’s; it was recognised for developing sports eyewear such as glasses and goggles, and even helmets. In the 1980’s the company launched their first models of prescription eyewear.

Today, the brand is a synonym of technology, safety, innovation and design. Carrera is well known for their adventurous and dynamic personality. The brand's manifestos always showcase individuals who live life to the fullest with no regrets.

The Collection

Carrera sunglasses are easy to wear, comfortable, and relaxed. Their collection consists of many classic and modern frame styles in every colour, shade, and texture possible. Some of the brand’s latest collections are re-inventions of their most iconic models.

Carrera’s Best Sellers

Below are three of the bestselling models from the brand.

The Champion mode is the most popular by far. It’s such a popular that several different variations of the model have been designed; the Champion FLUO, Champion Blue, Champion Lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, Travie McCoy is seen wearing his Champion sunglasses in his video. If you want a modern frame and live an adventurous lifestyle, have the Champion by your side at all times!


It’s super stylish and similar to the Champion. Songstress Christina Aguilera and R&B sensation Usher have been recently spotted wearing the Carrera Endurance. Rihanna wore them in her video ‘Rude Boy’ and Lady Gaga wore them in her 'Bad Romance' video. If you're a trendsetter and want the wear the latest eyewear trends, go for this model.

"Carrera 1"

This model has a beautiful classic aviator frame. Its metal frame really sets off that retro feel; the aviator shape is also a very popular style amongst men and women. Katy Perry wore the Carrera 1 sunglasses in her latest video, "The one that got away". If you love classic shapes and have a retro style, go for this model.