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  • DSquared Sunglasses

    DSquared mixes the brand's designers Canadian heritage, Italian craftsmanship and London lifestyle. Over the past decades DSquared evolved into an alternative luxury brand famous for blending of chic and sophisticated designs while being sexy and provocative. DSquared has a special connection with the music industry: from Rihanna and Fergie gracing its catwlaks to creating outfits for Madonna's tour.


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Showing 1 - 18 of 20 items
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  • Dsquared Sunglasses Online

    The Dsquared Story

    Dsquared is the creation of twin brothers, Dean and Dan Caten. Embracing their Italian heritage, the brothers decided to move to Milan in 1993 to pursue their love of fashion and their dreams of becoming internationally-known fashion designers. The Caten brothers are known for their modern Italian style.

    Their ready-to-wear collection is always fashionable and fun, no matter which piece of garment they design. The brothers started off their fashion career by working for the House of Versace. Dan and Dean both wanted to able to start their own label and so they both juggled two jobs until they were able to afford their own fashion line. A few years later, they founded Dsquared.

    The Eyewear

    Dsquared is a label that aims to set trends and appeals to a youthful audience. The fashion shows are famed for being over the top and fun; exactly what the brothers had envisioned for their label. Dsquared started producing eyewear in 2009, after a deal was made with the Italian luxury eyewear manufacturers, Marcolin Group.

    The Dsquared sunglasses collection is very modern. The colours, frame styles, and designs are very playful and trendsetting. If you’re someone who likes to have fun with their eyewear this is the right brand for you. Team your favourite sunglasses with a pair of beautiful denim jeans to glam up your outfit.

    Advice On Sunglasses

    Need a bit of help with picking a pair of designer sunglasses? Make sure you have tried on the sunglasses that you want before you decide to buy. Always make sure that you get your eyes checked regularly to ensure your eyes are healthy. If you need prescription sunglasses, there's a great selection of styles under our "Prescription Sunglasses".

    When you're not wearing your sunglasses, make sure you store them away safely and carefully in their hard case or soft pouch. Don't be tempted to cut back on a good cleaning cltoth; invest in a microfiber cloth and cleaning kit for your lenses.

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