Featuring the same catalogue of iconic symbols as their famous handbags and luggage - the buckle, the red-green equestrian colours, the interlocking GG logo or the handbag with the bamboo handle - the Gucci sunglasses are for men and women who like to show off their sense of fashion and love for luxury. The glamour and mystique of the Gucci brand is what makes these sunglasses loved by film stars and celebrities.

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  1. Gucci GG0207S
    Gucci GG0207S
  2. Gucci GG0396S
    Gucci GG0396S
  3. Gucci GG0419S
    Gucci GG0419S
  4. Gucci GG0418S
    Gucci GG0418S
  5. Gucci GG0417SK
    Gucci GG0417SK
  6. Gucci GG0414S
    Gucci GG0414S
  7. Gucci GG0404S
    Gucci GG0404S
  8. Gucci GG0400S
    Gucci GG0400S
  9. Gucci GG0394S
    Gucci GG0394S
  10. Gucci GG0382S
    Gucci GG0382S
  11. Gucci GG0381S
    Gucci GG0381S
  12. Gucci GG0152S
    Gucci GG0152S
  13. Gucci GG0319S
    Gucci GG0319S
  14. Gucci GG0320S
    Gucci GG0320S
  15. Gucci GG0340S
    Gucci GG0340S
  16. Gucci GG0341S
    Gucci GG0341S
  17. Gucci GG0325S
    Gucci GG0325S
  18. Gucci GG0351S
    Gucci GG0351S
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The Gucci Story

Italian businessman, Guccio Gucci was the founder of Gucci, a brand that became one of the most luxurious fashion labels of today. Guccio established his first store in Florence, Italy in the year 1921, selling fine leather goods. With an increasing client base, Gucci expanded rapidly over the years and opened stores in some of the fashion centres of the world; Milan and Rome. In the 1980’s the company became global and was a nationally recognized label of excellence and quality. With increasing potential, Gucci increased its expertise into the field of accessories and eyewear – which developed into a huge success. His Gucci frames collection attracted the most attention with its elegant and classy designs.

Gucci was producing some of the most spectacular, attractive and modern eyewear in the market. It instantly caught the attention of high-end fashion followers and led to their products being worn by big names and celebrities. Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts are some of the well-known stars that wear Gucci. Gucci sunglasses generally adopt bold and fancy designs and embellishments with eye-catching features. With gradient, non-gradient and polarised lenses; the wearer has full customisability when choosing Gucci. There are beautifully bright colours and funky frame styles to choose from both with sunglasses and prescription sunglasses.

Gucci Eyewear

At the beginning of 2015, Gucci embarked on the next chapter in its history, under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, with the introduction of a new contemporary vision, which is re-establishing its reputation as one of the world’s most influential luxury fashion brands. As seen on the runway, eyewear is part of the House’s new aesthetic. Over 250 new styles developed annually feature the brand’s iconic motifs alongside novelty details, making the offering extremely versatile for the contemporary tastemaker.

Prescription Lenses and Coatings

Our qualified in-house opticians can also fit your Gucci sunglasses with prescription lenses. From standard lenses to thinner and lighter lenses, there is a lens option that is right for you. There are also many models in the Gucci collections that are polarised sunglasses.

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