Hugo Boss Sunglasses

German excellence, care for detail and only the best materials are the main characteristics of the Hugo Boss brand. Sunglasses for every taste, everyone and every occasion, the Boss collections cater for a wide range of styles from the understated elegance of a pair of havana frames to fashion-forward colourful lenses it's easy to find a frame that suits your mood.

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  1. Hugo Boss 1025/F/S
    Hugo Boss 1025/F/S
    Was £213.00 Now £102.00
  2. Hugo Boss 0595/N/S
    Hugo Boss 0595/N/S
    Was £288.00 Now £138.00
  3. Hugo Boss 0561/N/S
    Hugo Boss 0561/N/S
  4. Hugo Boss 1059/S
    Hugo Boss 1059/S
    Was £256.26 Now £105.00
  5. Hugo Boss 1058/S
    Hugo Boss 1058/S
  6. Hugo Boss 1055/S
    Hugo Boss 1055/S
    Was £282.00 Now £135.00
  7. Hugo Boss 1054/S
    Hugo Boss 1054/S
  8. Hugo Boss 1046/S
    Hugo Boss 1046/S
  9. Hugo Boss 1045/S
    Hugo Boss 1045/S
  10. Hugo Boss 1042/S
    Hugo Boss 1042/S
  11. Hugo Boss 1039/S
    Hugo Boss 1039/S
  12. Hugo Boss 1038/S
    Hugo Boss 1038/S
  13. Hugo Boss 1037/S
    Hugo Boss 1037/S
    Was £177.00 Now £84.00
  14. Hugo Boss 1036/S
    Hugo Boss 1036/S
  15. Hugo Boss 1035/S
    Hugo Boss 1035/S
  16. Hugo Boss 0999/S
    Hugo Boss 0999/S
  17. Hugo Boss 1000/S
    Hugo Boss 1000/S
  18. Hugo Boss 1013/S
    Hugo Boss 1013/S
    Was £216.00 Now £105.00
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The Brand

Created by Hugo Boss, his self-titled company grew into a worldwide fashion house. With 7 fashion collections targeting different personalities and styles, you can be sure that Boss is able to offer something that’s perfect for you.

The Collection

The new Boss eyewear collection reflects the brand’s contemporary elegance, achieving the perfect balance between modernity and classicism.

The refined, sporty-chic character of the sunglasses; you will come across the aviator and rectangle styles in this collection. The Boss collection has more frames for men than it does for women. However, women who prefer male frames or not too fussed about gender specifics when it comes to eyewear will be happy with the models on offer.

The Frame Material
Many people prefer an acetate plastic frame while others prefer a metal frame. Are you stuck on deciding which frame material is right for you?


The smooth sleek appearance of a metal frame is very attractive, especially to the male consumers in eyewear fashion. Metal frames look masculine, they’re easy to maintain and easy to clean. Metal frames also provide you with extra bridge support thanks to the adjustable nose pads.

Metal frames can irritate the skin if you suffer from nickel allergies. Choosing a titanium metal or carbon-fibre will eliminate this problem.


Made from organic materials such as cotton flower and wood, acetate is a specially formulated plastic that has the properties wood or cotton flower. Acetate has a smooth surface texture; it is warm to the touch, doesn’t corrode and is non-allergenic.

Choosing The Right Frame Shape

If you’re indecisive about which frame shape suits you best; you will need to try the sunglasses on before you can fully decide. Sometimes choosing a frame that suits your face shape is simply not enough. Your personality and style will always override the standardisation rules of fashion.