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  • Illesteva sunglasses


    Only recently founded in 2010, Illesteva has become a household name in the eyewear industry. They have gained support and popularity mainly due to their sunglasses which have classically MOD and edgy designs. The eyewear is handmade in France and Italy which means a certain level of quality and thorough quality checks are to be expected.

    The design aesthetic is unique and formidable because it combines age old Italian and French manufacturing techniques with downtown New York fashion trends and trends in order to produce a stunning collection filled with an array of colours and designs. The shapes are youthful and make for a much better choice for people who like to go big and bold with their eyewear. It is important to recognise that this brand does not only cater to younger generations but is suited to anyone who likes and appreciates a diverse collection of sunglasses as well as picturesque frames that can make anyone look twice.

    As is expected of a brand that has a cult following all over the internet and social media sites like Instagram, Illesteva has garnered a legion of celebrity fans that like the designs and have been spotted out and about whilst carrying out their daily tasks. Illesteva have also collaborated with a few celebrities on a range of collections which have included Jourdan Dunn, Zac Posen and Dasha Zhukova. They have expanded into other accessories which will no doubt complement their fashion lines as well as influence what collections they will be releasing in the future.

    If you like celebrity sunglasses and are always monitoring what your favourite ‘celebs’ are wearing then you will love Illesteva sunglasses. Some famous faces that have been spotted adorning their pair include multi-talented singer and actress Beyoncé, style icon and DJ Solange Knowles, Elton John, Daniel Craig, Sienna Miller, Lena Dunham and Britain’s favourite fashion girl Alexa Chung.
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