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Loewe Sunglasses

Loewe Sunglasses

With unusual and oversized shapes, the new LOEWE sunglasses collection echoes the fashion creations of Jonathan Anderson, playing with lines, metal and transparent acetate

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  1. Loewe Filipa LW40001I
    Loewe Filipa LW40001I
    From: £320.00
  2. Loewe LW40002I
    Loewe LW40002I
    From: £290.00
  3. Loewe LW40004I
    Loewe LW40004I
    From: £290.00
  4. Loewe LW40005U
    Loewe LW40005U
    From: £320.00
  5. Loewe LW40006U
    Loewe LW40006U
    From: £320.00
  6. Loewe LW40007U
    Loewe LW40007U
    From: £320.00
  7. Loewe Otras LW40008U
    Loewe Otras LW40008U
    From: £270.00
  8. Loewe LW40012I
    Loewe LW40012I
    From: £320.00
  9. Loewe LW40010U
    Loewe LW40010U
    From: £290.00
  10. Loewe LW40011U
    Loewe LW40011U
    From: £290.00
  11. Loewe LW40035I
    Loewe LW40035I
    Was £357.00 From: £260.00
  12. Loewe LW40036I
    Loewe LW40036I
    From: £260.00
  13. Loewe LW40042U
    Loewe LW40042U
    Was £465.00 From: £340.00
  14. Loewe LW40048U
    Loewe LW40048U
    Was £340.00 From: £340.00
  15. Loewe LW40056U
    Loewe LW40056U
    Was £384.00 From: £280.00
  16. Loewe LW40057U
    Loewe LW40057U
    Was £384.00 From: £280.00
  17. Loewe LW40041U
    Loewe LW40041U
    Was £465.00 From: £340.00
  18. Loewe LW40033I
    Loewe LW40033I
    From: £280.00
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Created in Spain in 1846, LOEWE approaches 175 years as one of the world’s major luxury houses. Since 2013, under LOEWE’s creative director, Jonathan Anderson, the brand has started a new chapter, presenting itself to the world as a house focused on craft and culture; evidenced through an intellectual yet playful approach to fashion, bold and vibrant Spanish lifestyle, and unmatched expertise with leather.