Maui Jim

Bolder, richer, crisper colours with more contrast and clarity without glare. Unrivaled protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, created on the Hawaiian Islands with the revolutionary patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology. Maui Jim sunglasses show you the full spectrum of colour and light, so you can see the world like you’ve never seen.
Maui Jim sunglasses - "Slip on a pair and See The Brilliance".

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  1. Maui Jim Shoal
    Maui Jim Shoal
    Was £369.00 Now £240.00
  2. Maui Jim Ku'uipo
    Maui Jim Ku'uipo
    Was £357.00 Now £210.00
  3. Maui Jim Cathedrals
    Maui Jim Cathedrals
    Was £273.00 Now £159.00
  4. Maui Jim Honi Girl
    Maui Jim Honi Girl
    Was £342.00 Now £201.00
  5. Maui Jim World Cup Polarised 266
    Maui Jim World Cup Polarised 266
  6. Maui Jim Waterman
    Maui Jim Waterman
  7. Maui Jim Stillwater 706
    Maui Jim Stillwater 706
  8. Maui Jim Ocean
    Maui Jim Ocean
  9. Maui Jim Kahi
    Maui Jim Kahi
  10. Maui Jim Haleakala
    Maui Jim Haleakala
  11. Maui Jim Cook Pines
    Maui Jim Cook Pines
  12. Maui Jim Cliff House
    Maui Jim Cliff House
    Was £312.00 Now £204.00
  13. Maui Jim Castles
    Maui Jim Castles
  14. Maui Jim Castaway 187
    Maui Jim Castaway 187
    Was £357.00 Now £210.00
  15. Maui Jim Breezeway
    Maui Jim Breezeway
  16. Maui Jim Breakwall HT422
    Maui Jim Breakwall HT422
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... all 16,777,216 hues of beautiful colour surrounding us every day.
Inspired by the beauty and culture of Maui, the mission of Maui Jim sunglasses is to spread aloha through vivid colour clarity and detail - which, they believe is the key to the human experience. If you are into polarised lenses and high-quality eyewear, then we’re happy to announce that you have found the brand that best represents you!


When it comes to the quality, technology and amount of research that goes into the development of an eyewear brand Maui Jim has made a lot of effort in order to watch their shades fly past all the competitors in the performance sunglasses industry. Their motto is creating the best viewing experience by using light technology in their sunglasses.

The lenses are specifically made to achieve four main purposes: glare elimination, colour enhancement, eye health and lens protection. That latter is technology on how the lens protects itself for maximum durability and convenience. To prevent glare from washing out the colours and straining your eyes, Maui Jim have specifically developed their lens to eliminate 99.9% of glare. Another thing they manage to do well when compared to their competitors is that instead of offering sunglasses that dim your light and view – their polarised sunglasses enhance the colours that our eye would naturally be inclined to absorb. This means that the colours will appear with greater depth, contrast and saturation.


The most fundamental purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and the Maui Jim sunglasses do exactly that and more. According to them, they eliminate 100% of harmful UV rays as well as protecting your eyes from additional stresses.
There are many styles in the collections which are perfect for most individuals. They have made sure to keep their designs on trend, youthful and relatable. They also have the relaxed Hawaiian beach feel the brand has become known for. Their level of craftsmanship and dedication is why they continue to be labelled as one of the best in the industry when it comes to polarised sunglasses.