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  • Max Mara Sunglasses

    The epitome of Italian quality and craftsmanship, Max Mara is recognised as the forerunner of modern ready-to-wear fashion with its meticulous, luxurious, feminine style. Still run by the Maramotti family, who founded the fashion house in 1953 the brand is consistently rising in popularity.

Max Mara

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  • Maxmara sunglasses


    A collection by one of the oldest brands in the Italian fashion industry, Maxmara sunglasses are perfect for newbies looking to find a luxury pair for a budget. Get ready to turn heads with a pair of their classic styles on your face.

    Founded in 1951 by Achille Maramotti, the company is privately owned and has other brands underneath its fold that it supports and promotes. Maramotti is a pioneer in the fashion circles as he was one of the first people to envision that industrial processes could enhance the production as well as quality of designer clothing. His design style also married practicality as well as fashion. He differentiated the meanings of fashion and style which had become entrenched in one another at the times he first began releasing collections.

    The brand also previously nurtured some of the most famous upcoming names in fashion at that time. For example the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Dolce & Gabbana, Narciso Rodriguez and Luciano Soprani all go their experience in producing ready to wear collections whilst working for Maxmara.

    The brand has since branched out into selling cosmetics and working on their international image. Our collection includes some of the gems we were first introduced to with regards to this brand. We tend to find that people like how relatable their designs are.
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