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  • Michael Kors Sunglasses

    Michael Kors eyewear represents a chic American style that’s understandable and approachable, artfully mixing textures and fabrications, combining the everyday with the luxurious. The sunglasses range is created for men and women who appreciate quality materials, rich detailing and the finest workmanship.

Michael Kors

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Showing 1 - 18 of 27 items
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  • Michael Kors Sunglasses Online

    "Eyewear is an item that should be emotionally driven. Eyewear can compliment a mood, an outfit. One day you might feel glamorous, another day retro, later on the same day, sporty. You can have a whole wardrobe of frames."- Michael Kors

    Michael Kors – The Man Behind the Brand

    Michael Kors created his own designer label in 1981 where the themes of elegance and simplicity are embellished in the most memorable ways. The brand accentuates a sexy and sporty glamour look that remains consistent throughout all of the brand’s designs. Fashion and design have always run through Michael Kors’ veins, from the age of five he had input with the designs for his mother’s wedding dress for her second marriage. Kors has won numerous prestigious fashion awards; one being the lifetime achievement award presented by Anna Wintour editor-in-chief of Vogue US.

    Michael Kors has a huge influential global presence that is known all over the world and is the latest trend amongst fashionistas everywhere. The collection expanded from clothing to accessories such as handbags and eyewear and everything is in fine tune with one another. This makes the brand’s products instantly recognisable.

    Michael Kors Eyewear

    The Michael Kors eyewear collection represents the elegant and style conscious New York jet-setter, who appreciates quality. Inspired by travel, the collections include oversized shapes and warm colours that put a hint of luxury in everyday life. The line includes men’s and women’s sunglasses that come in different shapes and styles for an either sporty or Hollywood glamour look. All of the Michael Kors sunglasses are statement pieces worn to complete any outfit. An understated sexy and relaxed look with modern touches to vintage classics is what you will expect to see in the collection. Michael Kors has many celebrity fans including Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum and first lady Michelle Obama and is represented at high fashion events such as the Oscars and New York Fashion Week.

    The MK Sunglasses Collections

    With its own range of vintage-inspired aviators with mineral lenses, polarised sunglasses option, Michael Kors recreated this classic style in an ultra-luxe way and put it in a brand new light. The materials used are high-quality acetate and metal for a perfect fit. The Jet Set Monogram collection features variations of the key iconic MK charm design element and vibrant colours to create a casual luxury style. The MK Charm collection glasses and sunglasses featuring the signature MK logo are stylish, lightweight and a great addition to any outfit. The Iconic Hardware Collection features the signature “Tonne” hardware in a crystal inlay and gradient colourations which translate the glamour of the Michael Kors brand perfectly. If you want your shades to show a sophisticated edge then opt for the Camila or Callie models with pyramid stud details and a flash of metallic.

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