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Moncler Sunglasses

Moncler Sunglasses

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  1. Moncler ML 0129
    Moncler ML 0129
    Was £240.00 From: £144.00
  2. Moncler ML 0106
    Moncler ML 0106
    Was £201.00 From: £111.00
  3. Moncler ML 0147
    Moncler ML 0147
    Was £288.00 From: £159.00
  4. Moncler ML 0145
    Moncler ML 0145
    Was £345.00 From: £141.00
  5. Moncler ML 0130
    Moncler ML 0130
    Was £588.00 From: £207.50
  6. Moncler ML 0126
    Moncler ML 0126
    Was £366.00 From: £132.00
  7. Moncler ML 0123
    Moncler ML 0123
    Was £327.00 From: £132.00
  8. Moncler ML 0121
    Moncler ML 0121
    Was £471.00 From: £189.00
  9. Moncler ML 0119
    Moncler ML 0119
    Was £288.00 From: £90.00
  10. Moncler ML 0065
    Moncler ML 0065
    Was £186.00 From: £132.00
  11. Moncler ML 0064
    Moncler ML 0064
    Was £186.00 From: £111.00
  12. Moncler ML 0063
    Moncler ML 0063
    Was £186.00 From: £109.00
  13. Moncler ML 0051
    Moncler ML 0051
    Was £333.00 From: £132.00
  14. Moncler ML 0046
    Moncler ML 0046
  15. Moncler ML 0045
    Moncler ML 0045
    Was £324.00 From: £177.00
  16. Moncler ML 0041
    Moncler ML 0041
    Was £186.00 From: £105.00
  17. Moncler ML 0018
    Moncler ML 0018
    Was £312.00 From: £111.00
  18. Moncler ML 0006
    Moncler ML 0006
    Was £186.00 From: £119.00
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The new Moncler Lunettes sunglasses and optical frames are designed for an outdoor lifestyle, but are just as perfect in an urban setting. Exquisitely reflecting the brand’s cosmopolitan spirit, the new styles stand out for their high quality, technological research and aesthetic functionality. The collection stays true to the distinctive 3 clusters featured in the previous collections, which provide guidelines for the development of the various segments. First, Sport, which showcases versatile heritage-inspired frames designed for mountain and city wear alike; second, Duvet, an iconic eyewear segment that includes all the puffy-effect styles, crafted with the exclusive thermoforming technique that makes their structure extremely lightweight as well as glasses with flat surfaces. Timeless is the third cluster, which includes classic and retro-inspired shapes, iconic pieces that go beyond fashion trends, reflecting the true essence of the brand. Every style is made unique by distinctive details, such as rounded or rubber tips for extra grip and comfort, the Tricolor metal logo, which is a signature element of the various clusters, performance rotating hinges, branded nose pads and logomania prints.



A timeless 1980s-inspired design for these unisex squared sunglasses that stand out for the extreme lightness of their ultra-flat profiles.


An exquisitely feminine acetate shape with soft volumes that clearly nod to the iconic quilted jackets belonging to the Moncler universe. The puffy effect is further enhanced by an innovative manufacturing technique that makes acetate surfaces glossier, lighter and softly rounded in shape.


A vintage allure and strong retro inspirations define this large rounded frame characterized by extremely lightweight ultra-flat profiles.


Sporty shield sunglasses inspired by the world of scuba diving. The injection-moulded construction with bold profiles ensures maximum impact resistance and comfort during any athletic activity, for superior performance. Thick temples bearing the Moncler maxi logo.


Versatile and iconic unisex sports shield sunglasses designed for an outdoor lifestyle but also at ease in an urban setting. The bold injection-moulded structure ensures extreme impact resistance and comfort during any sports activity. The thick temples are embellished with a logomania print, while colored rubber nose pads perfectly adjust to any face shape.



A modern and cool pilot shape for the new men’s glasses that pay homage to the world of duvet with their distinctive puffy-effect front. The acetate frame is crafted using the special thermoforming technique that lends a lightweight feel and an extremely glossy appearance to the surfaces.


A timeless unisex metal optical frame adorned with a logomania print on the thick metal rim; the colored rubber nose pads perfectly adjust to any face shape.


A trendy cat-eye optical frame for women that evokes the world of duvet. Comfortable temples featuring the brand’s metal logo and iconic tips.


An acetate optical style with soft profiles crafted using the exclusive thermoforming technique that makes the acetate structure lighter. The puffy-effect temples are complemented by the embossed metal logo, clearly nodding to Moncler’s world of duvet.


An iconic optical frame flaunting sinuously rounded lines crafted with the innovative thermoforming technique, which makes the acetate structure extremely lightweight. The puffy-effect temples are complemented by the embossed metal logo, evoking the duvet universe.


Acetate glasses with a softly rounded design crafted using the special thermoforming technique that makes the acetate structure lighter. Puffy-effect temples complemented by the embossed metal logo that celebrates the world of duvet.


Marcolin Group is a worldwide leading company in the eyewear industry that stands out for its pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation and unique ability to faithfully combine Italian design and craftsmanship with the core values and essence of each brand. The brand portfolio includes: Tom Ford, adidas Badge of Sport, adidas Originals, Bally, Moncler, Sportmax, Ermenegildo Zegna, Longines, OMEGA, GCDS, Victoria’s Secret, Victoria’s Secret PINK, Atelier Swarovski, Barton Perreira, Tod's, Emilio Pucci, BMW, Swarovski, Dsquared2, Guess, MAX&Co., Diesel, Covergirl, Kenneth Cole, Timberland, Gant, Harley-Davidson, Marciano, Skechers, Candie’s, Rampage, Viva, Marcolin and Web. In 2018, the company sold approximately 14.6 million glasses.


Founded in 1952 in Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France, Moncler is currently based in Italy. Over the past years, the brand has merged style with continuous technological research, always relying on the knowledge of mountaineering experts. Moncler collections combine extreme mountain outerwear needs with those of everyday city life. In 2003 Remo Ruffini took over the company, of which today he is Chairman and CEO. Moncler manufactures and directly distributes the Moncler brand’s apparel and accessories collections through a global network of directly operated stores and high-end international department stores and multi-label shops.