Browse our collection of designer oval sunglasses from Gucci, Prada to Celine. Don't forget to add your premium prescription lenses!
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  1. Ray-Ban RB3547N
    Ray-Ban RB3547N
    Was £122.50 Now £77.50
  2. Christian Roth Archive 1993(6558)
    Christian Roth Archive 1993(6558)
  3. Ray-Ban RB3594
    Ray-Ban RB3594
    Was £115.00 Now £72.60
  4. Ray-Ban RB2027
    Ray-Ban RB2027
    Was £115.00 Now £74.50
  6. Gucci GG0517S
    Gucci GG0517S
  7. Chloe CE150S
    Chloe CE150S
    Was £306.00 Now £276.00
  8. Jimmy Choo Sonny/S
    Jimmy Choo Sonny/S
    Was £330.00 Now £180.00
  9. Max Mara Bridge II
    Max Mara Bridge II
  10. Ray-Ban Olympian Deluxe RB3119M
    Ray-Ban Olympian Deluxe RB3119M
    Was £135.00 Now £82.60
  11. Dior Hypnotic 2
    Dior Hypnotic 2
    Was £312.00 Now £282.00
  12. Ray-Ban RB3547
    Ray-Ban RB3547
    Was £127.50 Now £73.00
  13. Ray-Ban RB3847N
    Ray-Ban RB3847N
    Was £140.00 Now £84.00
  14. Ray-Ban RB4315
    Ray-Ban RB4315
    Was £115.00 Now £71.00
  15. Dior Homme Inclusion
    Dior Homme Inclusion
    Was £357.00 Now £324.00
  16. Max Mara Iris
    Max Mara Iris
    Was £183.00 Now £99.00
  17. Dolce&Gabbana DG4311
    Dolce&Gabbana DG4311
    Was £183.00 Now £156.00
  18. Persol PO3092SM
    Persol PO3092SM
    Was £165.00 Now £150.00
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Oval Sunglasses

Oval shape sunglasses are a staple style that you can rely on for years to come. This shape is a combination of the round frame with the dimensions of a rectangular model. If you are stuck between those two shapes, you know you can always meet in the middle with oval eyewear. Oval sunglasses are designed for both men and women, to create a harmonious rounded silhouette, which is flattering for all face shapes, as it balances out any angular facial features. Browse our designer oval collection from Ray-Ban, Chloe, Tom Ford and Dior and use our virtual try-on to find out for yourself!