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Ray-Ban Junior

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  1. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9547S
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9547S
    Was £108.00 From: £48.00
  2. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9548SN
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9548SN
    Was £117.00 From: £54.00
  3. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9541SN
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9541SN
    Was £132.00 From: £66.00
  4. Ray-Ban Junior Wayfarer RJ9066S
    Ray-Ban Junior Wayfarer RJ9066S
    Was £123.00 From: £75.00
  5. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9062S
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9062S
    Was £99.00 From: £45.00
  6. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9064S
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9064S
    Was £108.00 From: £48.00
  7. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9506S
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9506S
    Was £99.00 From: £45.00
  8. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9052S
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9052S
    Was £99.00 From: £45.00
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About Ray-Ban
Ray-Ban has been established since 1937. Founded by Bausch and Lomb, the optical manufacturers had initially started up this brand solely for the development of aviator sunglasses for the pilots of the World War. The aviator style sunglasses were the first eyewear design they produced; after the successful reception the company received they decided to launch their eyewear to the public.

Since then, Ray-Ban has been performing stronger than ever before. The two current most popular frames the brand created are the Ray-Ban Aviators and the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers; other popular all-time models are the Ray-Ban Laramie, Round, Clubmaster, and Meteor.

The Junior Sunglasses Collection
The Ray-Ban Junior collection has many of the popular styles mentioned above. The brand is very popular with the younger crowd so they design their eyewear with that in mind. The styles of every Ray-Ban frame are very trendy, fashionable and retro. When picking sunglasses for children, try and select a frame size that is closest to their exact measurements.

This is because children have a smaller nose bridge; acetate or plastic sunglasses will tend to slip off easier if the nose bridge is not high enough to support the frame. In this case, you may want to select a metal frame. Metal frame sunglasses have nose pads which can be adjusted by a qualified optician so that the sunglasses will sit perfectly on the face.

Adults With Small Faces
If you have a small face, you may want to consider getting yourself Ray-Ban Junior sunglasses. It will be hard for you to find a pair of designer sunglasses that will fit you perfectly unless they are designed to accommodate small faces. The other advantage is that they are much cheaper than the adult's collection. So on top of the savings, you'll get from shopping online, you'd also save on your Ray-Ban Junior sunglasses by shopping with Fashion Eyewear London.