See in style with a pair of fun yet fashionable rounded sunglasses!
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  1. Ray-Ban Round Metal RB3447
    Ray-Ban Round Metal RB3447
    Was £122.50 Now £72.50
  2. Ray-Ban Erika RB4171
    Ray-Ban Erika RB4171
    Was £115.00 Now £64.50
  3. Ray-Ban RB2180
    Ray-Ban RB2180
    Was £115.00 Now £72.00
  4. Ray-Ban Round Metal RB3447N
    Ray-Ban Round Metal RB3447N
    Was £122.50 Now £78.50
  5. Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck SUN OV5217S
    Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck SUN OV5217S
    Was £255.00 Now £216.00
  6. Ray-Ban RB3647N
    Ray-Ban RB3647N
    Was £132.50 Now £82.50
  7. Ray-Ban RB2447
    Ray-Ban RB2447
    Was £147.00 Now £81.00
  8. Ray-Ban Clubround RB4246
    Ray-Ban Clubround RB4246
    Was £132.50 Now £82.00
  9. Prada Minimal Baroque SPR27N
    Prada Minimal Baroque SPR27N
    Was £210.00 Now £180.00
  10. Prada Minimal Baroque SPR27O
    Prada Minimal Baroque SPR27O
    Was £210.00 Now £180.00
  11. Ray-Ban RB4305
    Ray-Ban RB4305
    Was £115.00 Now £72.60
  12. Ray-Ban Ja-Jo RB3592
    Ray-Ban Ja-Jo RB3592
    Was £122.50 Now £81.00
  13. Ray-Ban RB3546
    Ray-Ban RB3546
    Was £140.00 Now £83.00
  14. Dior So Real
    Dior So Real
    Was £360.00 Now £171.00
  16. Ray-Ban Blaze RB3574N
    Ray-Ban Blaze RB3574N
    Was £167.50 Now £90.00
  17. Dolce&Gabbana DG4268
    Dolce&Gabbana DG4268
    Was £183.00 Now £156.00
  18. Chloe Carlina CE114SD
    Chloe Carlina CE114SD
    Was £327.00 Now £153.00
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Round Sunglasses

Who knew Harry Potter would become a fashion icon? Now we all want his round metal frames! Round sunglasses are extremely popular for both men and women, as the round silhouette balances angular facial features so they are a flattering fit on everyone. This trendy shape is available in both metal and acetate materials, as well as coming in a large range of colourways and sizes. Shop Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples and Linda Farrow for the most stylish round designer sunglasses. If you aren’t sure whether round frames are for you, then don’t forget to use our virtual try-on so you can try before you buy wherever you are!