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Shield Sunglasses

Shield Sunglasses

Browse our exclusive collection of shield sunglasses from Loewe to Tom Ford.

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  1. Adidas SP0001
    Adidas SP0001
    Was £195.00 From: £81.00
  2. Adidas SP0015
    Adidas SP0015
    Was £246.00 From: £102.00
  3. Adidas SP0016
    Adidas SP0016
    Was £195.00 From: £81.00
  4. Chopard SCHF09S
    Chopard SCHF09S
    From: £351.00
  5. Bolle Lightshifter XL
    Bolle Lightshifter XL
    Was £135.00 From: £102.00
  6. Balmain Armour BPS106
    Balmain Armour BPS106
    From: £540.00
  7. Oakley Radar EV Pitch OO9211
    Oakley Radar EV Pitch OO9211
    Was £273.00 From: £132.00
  8. Oakley Sutro Lite OO9463
    Oakley Sutro Lite OO9463
    Was £201.00 From: £87.00
  9. Oakley Sutro S OO9462
    Oakley Sutro S OO9462
    Was £114.00 From: £87.00
  10. Oakley Evzero Blades OO9454
    Oakley Evzero Blades OO9454
  11. Oakley M2 Frame XL OO9343
    Oakley M2 Frame XL OO9343
    Was £177.00 From: £72.50
  12. Oakley Encoder OO9471
    Oakley Encoder OO9471
    Was £162.00 From: £144.00
  13. Carrera EPICA II
    Carrera EPICA II
    Was £240.00 From: £99.00
  14. Loewe LW40042U
    Loewe LW40042U
    From: £340.00
  15. Burberry BE4291
    Burberry BE4291
  16. Smith Attack MAG MTB
    Smith Attack MAG MTB
    Was £237.00 From: £96.00
  17. Smith Ruckus
    Smith Ruckus
    Was £195.00 From: £87.00
  18. Smith Wildcat
    Smith Wildcat
    Was £141.00 From: £129.00
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Shield Sunglasses

The shield frame is both a fashion statement and a sports lovers’ dream all in one. Shield sunglasses are a popular design, first created to improve vision and protect your eyes while playing sports. Now designer brands have been inspired by the bold shape, creating quirky must-have shield glasses to complete a fashion look. If you are looking for a sports shield, you can shop Oakley, Prada Sport, Ray-Ban. You can then add the lense tailored to your specific sport to maximise performance. For more on our sports lenses click here.

If you are attending a festival this summer, you may be looking for a fashion-led designer shield frame, to complete your look with a statement. We recommend taking a look at Fendi, Dior, Versace and Moncler who are the leaders in creating frames that will turn eyes. You can add your prescription to your shield frames, but you may also want to personalise your lenses for a touch of style with gradient, mirrored or lens tints.