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  • Starck Sunglasses

    Ergonomic eyewear design, screw-less hinges and ultra-flexible arms that can be bent even upwards – all from Philippe Starck, a man who designed hotels, restaurants and eyewear.


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  • Starck Sunglasses Online

    About Philippe Starck

    This is the man behind the brand. From an early age, Philippe already had a creative imagination. His father was an inventor and aeronautical engineer so it was only a matter of time before Philippe developed the same interests as his father. As an architect, designer and creator, Philippe Starck is known for designing products that are aerodynamic, ergonomic, and 'green'. Starck has been trying to develop ethical 'green' products from the get-go, way before sustainability and ethical living became fashionable.

    Starck Eyes Sunglasses

    Starck Sunglasses have been created in the same way his other projects have been. In 1996, Alain Mikli and Philippe Starck joined forces to launch Starck's first eyewear line. His mission was to create something ergonomic and revolutionary. He wanted to use the highest quality resources but offer his designs at affordable luxury prices. Starck's 'democratic ecology' concept was all about creating eco-friendly product at affordable prices.

    All of Starck's eyewear products are made from organic resources. The cellulose-acetate frames are derived from wood. The screwless hinges on the frames are supposed to resemble the joints of the human body, the shoulder joint to be exact. Inspired by the human body, all of Starck's designs are created to be ergonomic to provide wearers with the most comfortable fit and feel.

    Save On Your Starck Sunglasses

    To save on your Starck eyewear, shop online. It's as simple as that. By shopping online, you can save yourself around 30% off your designer sunglasses. Compared to the high street, that's a massive saving off luxury eyewear brands. Don't forget to take advantage of Fashion Eyewear's free UK mainland delivery.

    When you buy your sunglasses from Fashion Eyewear, you are always sent the genuine eyewear product alongside all of its original packaging as provided by the brand manufacturer. All designer sunglasses come with a product warranty that usually lasts for 1 or 2 years. If faulty, you can file for repairs or replacements under the warranty policy free of charge.

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