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  • Swarovski Sunglasses

    Add a bit of sparkle to your everyday life with crystal paved sunglasses, dreamy, eye-catching designs and frames that will light up your face with dozens of shiny diamond-like high quality Austrian crystals.


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15 Item(s)
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  • Swarovski Sunglasses Online

    The Swarovski Story

    Swarovski started off as a small family-run business in Austria in 1985 by Daniel Swarovski cutting crystals for jewellery. The crystals were famed for their brilliant shine and beautiful cut. From fashion designers to musicians and actresses, they can’t get enough of the crystal-cutting company.

    Later, more opportunities were available to the company; they developed the Swarovski Elements concept where crystals are cut and sold to fashion, jewellery, lighting and interior industries. Today, we can even find their crystals used for nail art designs.

    Swarovski Eyewear

    Swarovski sunglasses are super stylish and extremely comfortable to wear. The brand launched their first eyewear collection in 2011 with 12 different styles in various colours. Swarovski sunglasses are very popular with celebrities for example Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. Some of the most popular Swarovski sunglasses currently on trend:


    The Swarovski Amazing is a super glamorous frame. It's been seen on several A-list celebrities including Cheryl Cole, Christina Aguilera, and Fergie. Even pop sensation Nelly Furtado was wearing the 'Amazing' sunglasses in her latest video 'Big Hoops'. The beautiful design resembles the clean-cut facets of a crystal. The frame temples are display a glamorous yet subtle signature Swanflower® motif covered with crystals.


    The Swarovski Brilliant adopts a faceted design slightly similar to the Swarovski Amazing however these frames are made from metal as opposed to injection-molding acetate. The faceted design at the front of the frame is recreated with the metal and the lenses have a faceted edge. The frame arms display a contemporary metal chain-link design that is enhanced by the crystal-adorned motif at the temples.


    Do you prefer modern and contemporary eyewear styles? Perhaps you want a more urban glamour look instead of sophisticated glamour. These “Bling” sunglasses are definitely "blinging". The urban style of these frames would complement those who love jewels and gems. The stylish squared frames are complemented by the large squared clear crystals placed beautifully on the side temples. The stunning marble-like pattern on the frame arms also give off a luxury appeal. The Swarovski Bling is perfect for you.

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