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  • Tag Heuer Sunglasses

    Luxury sports sunglasses with innovative ergonomic design, the latest technology and unrivaled quality is what characterises the Tag Heuer sunglasses.

Tag Heuer

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  • Tag Heuer Sunglasses Online

    The Tag Heuer History

    This luxury French designer brand is internationally recognised for beautiful avant-garde designs, function, and comfort when it comes to eyewear. 100% made in France, the brand stays true to its French identity by producing all of their eyewear at a French manufacturing warehouse in the Jura region of Switzerland.

    The Tag Heuer Optical Collection

    Alongside timepieces, the company is also internationally recognised for their eyewear which are made from high quality composite materials such as stainless steel, Beta-titanium metal, carbon fiber and elastomer. All Tag Heuer Sunglasses are made from these advanced materials which is a truly innovative approach in itself. Every model belongs to a specific collection that has a distinctive element. The Reflex collection has frames arms completely made from elastomer, The L-Type models are coated with calfskin, alligator or python grace leather (hence the “L”), and the Panorama series have unique panoramic lenses enabling you to have a wider field of vision. The Panorama shield is available with the following models; Track, Reflex, and Curve. The stunning panoramic shield is an amazing and innovative design; its avant-garde approach has not been unrecognised. The panoramic shield is specially ordered from the brand manufacturers and can be fitted for those who have a prescription.

    The hinge-free design is an aesthetic and functional element of Tag eyewear. Free from unsightly screws, the hinge-free design enables the frames to flex much more than conventional frames. The ergonomic design of every frame ensures that you receive the ultimate level of comfort with your sunglasses throughout the day. Rigorous testing is performed on every model to ensure that each frame lives up to the high standards of safety, comfort and function required from the eyewear.

    By testing the eyewear, the company can assure every consumer that they are investing in a great product that will certainly stand the test of time. The temple tips of every frame, whether sunglasses or spectacles, are coated with elastomer. Elastomer is a rubber-texture material that provides an excellent grip to the wearer’s head, ensuring that your frames won’t fall off or slip off when sweating or just during general wear.

    Like their watch-making counterparts, all of Tag Heuer eyewear designs are sports-inspired. Every optical frame should be created based on functionality and comfort. Several of today’s biggest celebrities choose to wear Tag Heuer frames including; Marc Anthony and Maria Sharapova.

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