Tom Ford

Seductive and provocative, the Tom Ford sunglasses are for men and women who are confident and are not afraid to show their sensuous sides. Find your inner femme fatale in the form of an oversized, cat-eye frame or let your macho side shine through in pair of aviator shape frames. All Tom Ford frames are available with prescription lenses.
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  1. Tom Ford Magnus-02 TF651
    Tom Ford Magnus-02 TF651
    Was £288.00 Now £216.00
  2. Tom Ford TF5513 Clip-On
    Tom Ford TF5513 Clip-On
    Was £90.00 Now £84.00
  3. Tom Ford Marco-02 TF646
    Tom Ford Marco-02 TF646
  4. Tom Ford Nicholai-02 TF624
    Tom Ford Nicholai-02 TF624
    Was £342.00 Now £258.00
  5. Tom Ford Gianna-02 TF609
    Tom Ford Gianna-02 TF609
    Was £309.00 Now £234.00
  6. Tom Ford Diane-02 TF577
    Tom Ford Diane-02 TF577
  7. Tom Ford Emma TF461
    Tom Ford Emma TF461
    Was £249.00 Now £243.00
  8. Tom Ford Geoffrey TF779
    Tom Ford Geoffrey TF779
  9. Tom Ford Thor TF777-N
    Tom Ford Thor TF777-N
  10. Tom Ford Gerrard TF776
    Tom Ford Gerrard TF776
  11. Tom Ford Duke TF754
    Tom Ford Duke TF754
  12. Tom Ford Vittorio TF749
    Tom Ford Vittorio TF749
  13. Tom Ford Sye TF0738
    Tom Ford Sye TF0738
  14. Tom Ford Christian TF729
    Tom Ford Christian TF729
  15. Tom Ford Beau TF672
    Tom Ford Beau TF672
  16. Tom Ford Eugenio TF676
    Tom Ford Eugenio TF676
    Was £255.00 Now £198.00
  17. Tom Ford Huck TF665
    Tom Ford Huck TF665
    Was £375.00 Now £282.00
  18. Tom Ford Lauren-02 TF614
    Tom Ford Lauren-02 TF614
    Was £276.00 Now £210.00
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""Everything I’m doing now is really a search to establish luxurious exclusivity."" – Tom Ford The Tom Ford Story – from Tokyo to Hollywood From fashion designer to beauty mogul, to filmmaker; Tom Ford never ceases to shock and amaze his audience. This is the man that brought us luxury tanning goggles and seriously explicit campaign ads. However, Ford has toned his sexuality down a great deal since his days with Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent; it’s more about sensuality rather than sexuality. After departing from the Gucci Group and setting up the Tom Ford business, he soon decided he wanted to expand. The beauty range and the eyewear range were launched in 2005 and are the most successful lines for the brand. Both ranges rank in the top three brands at speciality stores worldwide. Ford is known for being a perfectionist. Each and every one of his eyewear products are hand-made with an extraordinary eye for detail. The impeccable quality and stylish designs are current and one of a kind. The brand effortlessly breathes a combination of sexy, fashion-forward and timeless designs. Following the success of the Japanese launch, the brand’s frames collection has been adapted for the Asian consumers as well as Western consumers. With this special Asian fitting, the brand manages to satisfy demands which some of the other brands don’t do. The Sunglasses Collection Careful planning goes into every pair that's made, for example, the colours that are chosen must compliment all skin tones as well as reflect beautifully in the sunlight. This is why many of the colours you’ll see in the collection are shades of gold, bronze, cream, blush, and brown. Each pair has also been designed to enhance your personality, and not over-powering it. Tom Ford eyewear is favoured by many Hollywood celebrities and features in lots of high-end magazines and popular movies like the James Bond films. The designs are unique and range from different materials, shapes and colours. The well-known and sleek logo is placed on the hinge section that continues onto the front of the frames in a T-bar shape.