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Only the most luxurious designer sunglasses for women will be on this page. Choose your favourite pair, then add your premium prescription lenses!
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  1. Calvin Klein CK20541S
    Calvin Klein CK20541S
    From: £93.00
  2. Celine The Edge CL40187I
    Celine The Edge CL40187I
    From: £310.00
  3. Valentino VA4089
    Valentino VA4089
    From: £177.00
  4. Valentino VA4088
    Valentino VA4088
    From: £177.00
  5. Valentino VA4084
    Valentino VA4084
    From: £153.00
  6. Valentino VA4082
    Valentino VA4082
    From: £153.00
  7. Valentino VA4081
    Valentino VA4081
    From: £198.00
  8. Valentino VA4072
    Valentino VA4072
    From: £141.00
  9. Valentino VA4065
    Valentino VA4065
    From: £177.00
  10. Valentino VA2047
    Valentino VA2047
    From: £141.00
  11. Valentino VA2046
    Valentino VA2046
    From: £141.00
  12. Valentino VA2043
    Valentino VA2043
    From: £153.00
  13. Persol PO3269S
    Persol PO3269S
    From: £147.00
  14. Persol PO3265S
    Persol PO3265S
    From: £177.00
  15. Persol PO3264S
    Persol PO3264S
    From: £177.00
  16. Persol PO3256S
    Persol PO3256S
    From: £141.00
  17. Persol PO3255S
    Persol PO3255S
    From: £141.00
  18. Persol PO3248S
    Persol PO3248S
    From: £162.00
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Women's Designer Sunglasses

Finding the right pair of women's sunglasses to compliment every outfit is hard, but we have a large selection of sunglasses for you to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find your favourite pair of ladies designer sunglasses for you. We stock exclusive brands and exclusive frames that you won’t find anywhere else, from CHANEL, Celine, Cartier, Gucci, Dior, Andy Wolf and Kate Spade. Try on as many brands as you like in butterfly shape, round, square and cat-eye using our virtual try-on. Once you have your new pair of sunglasses you can add your prescription lenses. This could save you a lot of time switching between two pairs of glasses when trying to see in the sun, as well as being useful while driving. We also have polarised lenses, gradient lenses, mirrored lenses and coloured lens tints available.