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Nose Pads

Nose Pads

Always nice to have the comfort of nose pads! Here we have put our favourite frames with nose pads. (Suitable for all types of lenses including varifocals)
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  1. Mulberry VML026
    Mulberry VML026
    Was £204.00 Now £122.00
  2. Mulberry VML025
    Mulberry VML025
    Was £180.00 Now £151.00
  3. Police Pitch 2 VPL795
    Police Pitch 2 VPL795
    Was £147.00 Now £94.00
  4. Police Storm Light 5 VPL801
    Police Storm Light 5 VPL801
    Was £114.00 Now £73.00
  5. Chopard VCHC77M
    Chopard VCHC77M
    Was £453.00 Now £244.00
  6. Chopard VCHC98
    Chopard VCHC98
    Was £453.00 Now £244.00
  7. Ray-Ban RB1971V
    Ray-Ban RB1971V
    Was £114.00 Now £63.00
  8. Ray-Ban RB6440
    Ray-Ban RB6440
    Was £123.00 Now £66.00
  9. Flexon H6001
    Flexon H6001
    Was £138.00 Now £85.00
  10. Chloe CE2153
    Chloe CE2153
  11. Chloe CE2149
    Chloe CE2149
  12. Gotti Lane
    Gotti Lane
  13. Gotti Dany
    Gotti Dany
  14. Gotti Cristy
    Gotti Cristy
    Was £348.00 Now £156.00
  15. Furla VFU092S
    Furla VFU092S
    Was £123.00 Now £70.00
  16. Police Origins 6 VPL885
    Police Origins 6 VPL885
    Was £159.00 Now £72.00
  17. Guess GU2715
    Guess GU2715
    Was £105.00 Now £61.00
  18. Barton Perreira Endora
    Barton Perreira Endora
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Frames with Nose Pads

Do you prefer the added comfort nose pads bring when wearing glasses? We have put together a selection of our most comfortable glasses just for you so you can find our luxury frames with nose pads all in one place. Once you’ve chosen your favourite frames just add your prescription from a choice of our best lenses: Nikon, Essilor, Oakley, Ray-Ban and Maui Jim.