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Round Glasses

Round Glasses

We love a round pair of glasses. Predomiately suited to those with either long or square faces. Here are our favourites! (Best suited for high prescription also all types of lenses including varifocals)

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  1. Ray-Ban Ja-Jo RB6392
    Ray-Ban Ja-Jo RB6392
    Was £108.00 From: £57.00
  2. Ray-Ban RB2447V
    Ray-Ban RB2447V
    Was £123.00 From: £66.00
  3. Ray-Ban RB3947V
    Ray-Ban RB3947V
    Was £114.00 From: £57.00
  4. Polo Ralph Lauren PH2193
    Polo Ralph Lauren PH2193
    Was £123.00 From: £64.56
  5. Hugo Boss 1056
    Hugo Boss 1056
    Was £204.00 From: £96.30
  6. Hugo Boss 1005
    Hugo Boss 1005
    Was £153.00 From: £73.50
  7. Kate Spade Joshann
    Kate Spade Joshann
    Was £123.00 From: £53.00
  8. Giorgio Armani AR7004
    Giorgio Armani AR7004
    Was £177.00 From: £91.72
  9. Hugo Boss 0932
    Hugo Boss 0932
    Was £162.00 From: £99.00
  10. Giorgio Armani AR7040
    Giorgio Armani AR7040
    Was £213.00 From: £109.98
  11. Marc Jacobs Marc 381
    Marc Jacobs Marc 381
    Was £93.00 From: £42.00
  12. Jimmy Choo JM004
    Jimmy Choo JM004
  13. Gucci GG0491O
    Gucci GG0491O
  14. Giorgio Armani AR5089
    Giorgio Armani AR5089
    Was £213.00 From: £109.98
  15. Bvlgari BV2208
    Bvlgari BV2208
    Was £273.00 From: £128.26
  16. Fendi FF0350
    Fendi FF0350
  17. Fendi FF0353
    Fendi FF0353
    Was £204.00 From: £80.00
  18. Jimmy Choo JC230
    Jimmy Choo JC230
    Was £306.00 From: £105.00
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Round Designer Glasses

Harry Potter has made round glasses popular, in fact, they are a leading trend this year and some of our bestselling frames are on this page. We have rounded frames in every colourway, every brand and every size you can think of, so if you love this trend then you will definitely find a frame that will suit you on this page. Once you have chosen your glasses simply add your prescription at the checkout, or just wear them for fashion purposes - the choice is yours.