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Wide Fit Frames

Wide Fit Frames

These are a selection of the best frames that offer wide fit. It covers the comforabtle springe hinge, 360 hinges and skull fits too! (Suitable for all types of lenses including varifocals)
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  1. Andy Wolf 4527
    Andy Wolf 4527
  2. Ray-Ban RB6441
    Ray-Ban RB6441
    Was £114.00 Now £63.60
  3. Flexon H6001
    Flexon H6001
    Was £138.00 Now £85.00
  4. Flexon Larsen 600
    Flexon Larsen 600
    Was £132.00 Now £79.00
  5. Dior StellaireO10
    Dior StellaireO10
  6. Dior Homme 0231
    Dior Homme 0231
  7. Jimmy Choo JM005
    Jimmy Choo JM005
    Was £246.00 Now £150.00
  8. Marc Jacobs Marc 370
    Marc Jacobs Marc 370
    Was £54.00 Now £54.00
  9. Carrera 8827/V
    Carrera 8827/V
    Was £123.00 Now £78.00
  10. Paul Smith AVERY
    Paul Smith AVERY
  11. Paul Smith ANGUS
    Paul Smith ANGUS
  12. Polaroid PLD D359/G
    Polaroid PLD D359/G
    Was £72.00 Now £32.00
  13. Polaroid PLD D358/G
    Polaroid PLD D358/G
    Was £63.00 Now £33.00
  14. Polaroid PLDD349
    Polaroid PLDD349
    Was £63.00 Now £39.00
  15. Hugo Boss 1040
    Hugo Boss 1040
    Was £180.00 Now £87.00
  16. Montblanc MB0049O
    Montblanc MB0049O
  17. Montblanc MB0034O
    Montblanc MB0034O
  18. Montblanc MB0030O
    Montblanc MB0030O
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Wide Fit Designer Glasses

Are you looking for a flattering wider fit frame? Then we have plenty of options for you to shop on this page. Rectangle or square shapes are a safe go-to styling or be more quirky and add a bold colour. After you have chosen your designer frame, you can add your prescription at the checkout from a choice of lenses: Nikon, Essilor, Ray-ban, Oakley or our own Fashion Eyewear packages.