Fashion Sunglasses

Not a follower? Set your self apart from the crowd with these selected frames that do more than just block the sun!
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  1. Versace VE2140
    Versace VE2140
    Was £150.00 Now £108.00
  2. Versace VE2197
    Versace VE2197
    Was £237.00 Now £144.00
  3. Dolce&Gabbana DG4356
    Dolce&Gabbana DG4356
    Was £288.00 Now £177.00
  4. Tiffany TF3063
    Tiffany TF3063
    Was £306.00 Now £180.00
  5. Bvlgari BV6118
    Bvlgari BV6118
    Was £285.00 Now £180.00
  6. Miu Miu SMU57U
    Miu Miu SMU57U
    Was £240.00 Now £141.00
  7. Valentino VA2030
    Valentino VA2030
    Was £264.00 Now £147.00
  8. Bvlgari BV6119
    Bvlgari BV6119
    Was £285.00 Now £180.00
  9. Moschino MOS022/S
    Moschino MOS022/S
    Was £255.00 Now £123.00
  10. Loewe Filipa LW40001I
    Loewe Filipa LW40001I
  11. Gucci GG0178S
    Gucci GG0178S
  12. Gucci GG0517S
    Gucci GG0517S
  13. Tom Ford Gino TF0733
    Tom Ford Gino TF0733
    Was £351.00 Now £198.00
  14. Versace VE2150Q
    Versace VE2150Q
    Was £228.00 Now £138.00
  15. Tom Ford Fausto TF711
    Tom Ford Fausto TF711
    Was £294.00 Now £162.00
  16. Givenchy GV7125/S
    Givenchy GV7125/S
    Was £267.00 Now £129.00
  17. Givenchy GV7123/G/S
    Givenchy GV7123/G/S
    Was £195.00 Now £93.00
  18. Fendi Fabulous FF M0039/G/S
    Fendi Fabulous FF M0039/G/S
    Was £357.00 Now £192.00
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Designer Fashion Sunglasses

Do you always follow the latest fashion trends? We have the latest frames straight off the runway from Fashion Week. Shop the best sunglasses from Burberry, Dior, Gucci, Balenciaga and Fendi all in one page. You’ll recognise these frames from the top fashion publications, featuring in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, GQ and Cosmopolitan. Or maybe you spotted them on your favourite blogger Instagram page?