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  1. Polaroid Junior P0115
    Polaroid Junior P0115
  2. Polaroid Junior P0300
    Polaroid Junior P0300
  3. Polaroid Junior PLD4053/S
    Polaroid Junior PLD4053/S
    Was £45.00 From: £24.00
  4. Polaroid Junior PLD8001/S
    Polaroid Junior PLD8001/S
  5. Polaroid Junior PLD8006/S
    Polaroid Junior PLD8006/S
  6. Polaroid Junior PLD8009/N
    Polaroid Junior PLD8009/N
  7. Polaroid Junior PLD8015/N
    Polaroid Junior PLD8015/N
    Was £45.00 From: £21.00
  8. Polaroid Junior PLD8016/N
    Polaroid Junior PLD8016/N
    Was £39.00 From: £18.00
  9. Polaroid Junior PLD8019/S
    Polaroid Junior PLD8019/S
  10. Polaroid Junior PLD8020/S
    Polaroid Junior PLD8020/S
  11. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9547S
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9547S
    Was £108.00 From: £48.00
  12. Oakley Junior Flak XS OJ9005
    Oakley Junior Flak XS OJ9005
    Was £159.00 From: £88.50
  13. Oakley Junior Radar EV XS Path OJ9001
    Oakley Junior Radar EV XS Path OJ9001
    Was £132.00 From: £88.50
  14. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9541SN
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9541SN
    Was £132.00 From: £66.00
  15. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9060S
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9060S
    Was £99.00 From: £57.00
  16. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9062S
    Ray-Ban Junior RJ9062S
    Was £99.00 From: £45.00
  17. Ray-Ban Junior Wayfarer RJ9066S
    Ray-Ban Junior Wayfarer RJ9066S
    Was £123.00 From: £75.00
  18. Oakley Junior OJ9003
    Oakley Junior OJ9003
    Was £141.00 From: £85.50
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It’s not just adults who care about looking good while protecting their eyes, so we made sure we had a wide range of luxury Kids Glasses available in both optical and sunglasses. And just like adults, some kids want to use glasses as a fashion statement and some want simple, functional, top quality frames. Therefore, we provide kids with the best quality eyewear too, not just for fashionable purposes but protective. It is important that children wear sunglasses especially in the sun to protect their eyes from sun damage, and not just worn as a fashion accessory. Eyes are 10 times more sensitive to UV light compared to your skin; kids however are most at risk! Their younger eyes have larger pupils which allow 70% more UV light to reach the retinas compared to the adult eye. To make sure your child is getting the best protection we recommend buying a pair of glasses which cover the eye as much as possible and purchasing the best fit available. Getting your first pair of glasses as a child can have a big impact on their confidence, so making sure they have the correct fit and feel good in their style is important to us. Our optical glasses are also available to purchase for children, however if your child is under 16 the prescription must be added at your local opticians. Our junior size range is also popular with adults who need a smaller size - simply add your prescription at the checkout! Protect your children in style and shop our latest collection of kid’s glasses from Stella McCartney, Bolle, Lacoste and Oakley in a variety of styles, colour ways and purposes from fashion to sportswear.