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Sports Sunglasses

Sports Sunglasses

These sunglasses are for the everyday activity, whether it's biking, sailing, running or simply walking. These selection of Sunglasses will have you covered in style!

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  1. Maui Jim Local Kine
    Maui Jim Local Kine
    From: £218.00
  2. Nike WHIZ EV1160
    Nike WHIZ EV1160
    Was £96.00 From: £33.00
  3. Nike RABID EV1109
    Nike RABID EV1109
    Was £102.00 From: £39.00
    Was £105.00 From: £48.00
  5. Dita Lancier DLS103
    Dita Lancier DLS103
    From: £310.00
  6. Dita Lancier DLS102
    Dita Lancier DLS102
    From: £310.00
  7. Dita Lancier DLS101
    Dita Lancier DLS101
    From: £310.00
  8. Dita Lancier DLS401
    Dita Lancier DLS401
    From: £310.00
  9. Ray-Ban Chromance RB4320CH
    Ray-Ban Chromance RB4320CH
    Was £177.00 From: £108.00
  10. Prada Sport Linea Rossa SPS09U
    Prada Sport Linea Rossa SPS09U
    Was £195.00 From: £120.60
  11. Prada Sport Linea Rossa SPS08U
    Prada Sport Linea Rossa SPS08U
    Was £195.00 From: £111.00
  12. Oakley Mercenary OO9424
    Oakley Mercenary OO9424
    Was £150.00 From: £92.04
  13. Maui Jim Lighthouse
    Maui Jim Lighthouse
    From: £149.00
  14. Maui Jim Siren Song
    Maui Jim Siren Song
    From: £329.00
  15. Oakley Pitchman R OO9439
    Oakley Pitchman R OO9439
    Was £141.00 From: £84.00
  16. Oakley Siphon OO9429
    Oakley Siphon OO9429
    Was £141.00 From: £84.00
  17. Oakley Split Shot OO9416
    Oakley Split Shot OO9416
    Was £153.00 From: £96.00
  18. Ray-Ban RB4283CH
    Ray-Ban RB4283CH
    Was £222.00 From: £123.00
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Designer Sports Sunglasses

Do you class yourself as a sporting enthusiast? We have frames for all your favourite sports including motorsports, cycling, sailing, fishing or maybe you fancy yourself as an aviator. Shop our top sports performance brands built with the number one sporting lens technology to advance how you play on the road, sea and air. Choose from Oakley, Ray-Ban, Nike, Maui Jim and Prada Sport. Get the very best vision in the sun by adding your prescription at check out.