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The Fashion Staple Frames

The Fashion Staple Frames

These are the sunglasses that have defied decades and trends. Timeless. Always a must have in your collection or the first of many!

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  1. Celine Thin Shadow CL4006IN
    Celine Thin Shadow CL4006IN
    From: £270.00
  2. Barton Perreira Joe As seen on James Bond in 007 No Time to Die
    Barton Perreira Joe As seen on James Bond in 007 No Time to Die
    From: £340.00
  3. Mulberry SML003
    Mulberry SML003
    Was £264.00 From: £133.00
  4. Mulberry Jane SML002
    Mulberry Jane SML002
    Was £264.00 From: £128.00
  5. Mulberry Charlotte SML001
    Mulberry Charlotte SML001
    Was £264.00 From: £128.00
  6. Police Origins 1(MIB) SPL872
    Police Origins 1(MIB) SPL872
    Was £201.00 From: £84.00
  7. Barton Perreira Kalua
    Barton Perreira Kalua
    From: £310.00
  8. Dita Braindancer DTS525
    Dita Braindancer DTS525
    From: £425.00
  9. Kate Spade Johanna/S
    Kate Spade Johanna/S
  10. Kate Spade Amaya/S
    Kate Spade Amaya/S
    Was £165.00 From: £81.00
  11. Givenchy GV7123/G/S
    Givenchy GV7123/G/S
    Was £225.00 From: £108.00
  12. Fendi Fabulous FF M0039/G/S
    Fendi Fabulous FF M0039/G/S
  13. Dior So Stellaire 1
    Dior So Stellaire 1
    Was £152.50 From: £152.50
  14. Hugo Boss 1046/S
    Hugo Boss 1046/S
  15. Hugo Boss 1039/S
    Hugo Boss 1039/S
  16. Valentino VA4049
    Valentino VA4049
    Was £246.00 From: £138.00
  17. Valentino VA4048
    Valentino VA4048
    Was £231.00 From: £126.00
  18. Ray-Ban Square RB1971
    Ray-Ban Square RB1971
    Was £123.00 From: £73.00
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Fashion Staple Sunglasses

Are you after a timeless classic which will last forever? Welcome to our fashion staples page, a page filled with stylish frames that will always be fashionable. We have a range of designer brands from Dior, Gucci, Ray-Ban and Tiffany in a variety of shapes, styles and colourways for you to choose from. We know there will be a forever frame you will love!