Prescription Sunglasses

Why carry two pairs of glasses when you only need one? Shop your favourite designer sunglasses then add your premium prescription lenses, we have both varifocal and single vision available.
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  1. Tom Ford Raoul TF753
    Tom Ford Raoul TF753
    Was £276.00 Now £198.00
  2. Tom Ford Fausto TF711
    Tom Ford Fausto TF711
    Was £294.00 Now £252.00
  3. Tom Ford Henry TF248
    Tom Ford Henry TF248
    Was £309.00 Now £237.00
  4. Tom Ford Jameson TF752
    Tom Ford Jameson TF752
    Was £258.00 Now £225.00
  5. Tom Ford Dax TF751
    Tom Ford Dax TF751
    Was £282.00 Now £135.00
  6. Tom Ford Anoushka TF371
    Tom Ford Anoushka TF371
    Was £276.00 Now £210.00
  7. Tom Ford Sabrina-02 TF764
    Tom Ford Sabrina-02 TF764
    Was £258.00 Now £225.00
  8. Tom Ford Olivier TF236
    Tom Ford Olivier TF236
    Was £300.00 Now £258.00
  9. Tom Ford Ian-02 TF591
    Tom Ford Ian-02 TF591
    Was £291.00 Now £249.00
  10. Tom Ford Jude TF669
    Tom Ford Jude TF669
    Was £354.00 Now £312.00
  11. Tom Ford Margaux-02 TF615
    Tom Ford Margaux-02 TF615
    Was £294.00 Now £252.00
  12. Tom Ford Lionel TF750
    Tom Ford Lionel TF750
    Was £417.00 Now £195.00
  13. Tom Ford Eric-02 TF595
    Tom Ford Eric-02 TF595
    Was £291.00 Now £252.00
  14. Tom Ford Leo TF336
    Tom Ford Leo TF336
    Was £255.00 Now £201.00
  15. Tom Ford Connor-02 TF557
    Tom Ford Connor-02 TF557
    Was £333.00 Now £288.00
  16. Tom Ford Amarra TF502
    Tom Ford Amarra TF502
    Was £267.00 Now £210.00
  17. Tom Ford Snowdon TF237
    Tom Ford Snowdon TF237
    Was £288.00 Now £246.00
  18. Tom Ford Palmer TF522
    Tom Ford Palmer TF522
    Was £279.00 Now £240.00
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Designer Prescription Sunglasses

Enjoy seeing beautiful views in the sun with UV protection and your prescription combined.

Why are prescription Sunglasses important?

When driving are you always swapping from your glasses to sunglasses? Or is reading a book in the sun just a pain? Remember too that exposure to strong sunlight can damage your eyes so getting a good pair of sunglasses combined with your prescription is important. With us it’s easy, simply pick your favourite designer sunglasses, send us your prescription and we’ll do the rest.

What we offer:

We offer a wide range of high-quality designer brands from Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Cartier to Oakley in a range of styles and colourways so you can pick a frame which represents your personal style. You can then personalise your designer sunglasses with your own prescription - varifocal or single vision. Simply add it at the checkout process after you have picked from our advanced lens options. We stock Essilor, Nikon, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui-Jim and our own Fashion Eyewear packages, combined with an array of coatings to add longevity and durability to your designer eyewear. We advise you add mirrored or polarised lenses as well as a coating; scratch and smudge resistant, water and dust repellent or elite sun coating with back surface anti-glare protection which is the best for drivers.

Online Optician

Fashion Eyewear is one of the UK’s first online opticians with over 10 years experience in optometry. If you have any queries about your prescription, feel free to speak to our trained customer service team who will be more than happy to help.


As a genuine designer eyewear retailer, we are proud to offer you an authenticity guarantee with every frame. We order all frames directly from luxury suppliers such as Safilo, Luxottica, Kering, and LVMH (Thelios). All our glasses are within the British Standards safe level of UV protection, you can check this by looking for the CE mark or British Standard BS EN ISO 12312-1:2013.