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Serengeti Prescription Sunglasses

Serengeti Prescription Sunglasses

Serengeti® make the most technically advanced eyewear available. High performance Photochromic and Polarized lenses with Spectral Control® are specifically tailored to care for the eyes in ever changing conditions. The products are crafted from the highest quality materials and are styled with an elegance that endures the test of time. No other sunglass brand can claim to combine three industry-defining technologies into one ultra-superior lens. Then again, innovation has always been inherent in Serengeti®’s DNA. Shop Serengeti prescription sunglasses here.
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  1. Serengeti Amboy
    Serengeti Amboy
    Was £250.00 From: £220.00
  2. Serengeti Dante
    Serengeti Dante
    Was £228.00 From: £162.00
  3. Serengeti Oatman
    Serengeti Oatman
    Was £204.00 From: £99.00
  4. Serengeti Geary
    Serengeti Geary
    Was £429.00 From: £207.00
  5. Serengeti Boron
    Serengeti Boron
    Was £255.00 From: £225.00
  6. Serengeti Maestrale
    Serengeti Maestrale
    Was £192.00 From: £85.00
  7. Serengeti Shelby
    Serengeti Shelby
    Was £246.00 From: £120.00
  8. Serengeti Leonora
    Serengeti Leonora
    Was £315.00 From: £147.50
  9. Serengeti Pistoia
    Serengeti Pistoia
    From: £150.00
  10. Serengeti Mara
    Serengeti Mara
    From: £150.00
  11. Serengeti Hamel
    Serengeti Hamel
    From: £201.00
  12. Serengeti Carrara Small
    Serengeti Carrara Small
    From: £186.00
  13. Serengeti Bianca
    Serengeti Bianca
    From: £150.00
  14. Serengeti Vinita
    Serengeti Vinita
    Was £408.00 From: £198.00
  15. Serengeti Winona
    Serengeti Winona
    Was £300.00 From: £198.00
  16. Serengeti Bellemon
    Serengeti Bellemon
    Was £204.00 From: £99.00
  17. Serengeti Wakota
    Serengeti Wakota
    Was £117.00 From: £117.00
  18. Serengeti Rolla
    Serengeti Rolla
    Was £204.00 From: £99.00
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