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Carrera glasses & Carrera sunglasses:

Do you like photography and cool little gadgets that you can attach to your phone on the go? Then you’ll appreciate the Carrera Fish Eye lens that comes as a gift when you buy your pair of Carrera sunglasses or glasses.

As a sports brand, the company realises the need for photography and capturing moments for people who are active outdoors.

Fish-eye lenses offer an opportunity to make enclosed spaces look more spacious due to their convex lenses that have an enlarging effect. This is advantageous for both indoor and outdoor shots as you have a much greater field of vision and can include more in one shot. If you like to travel, this little gadget comes with a handy little pouch that can be taken anywhere in the world fuss-free and offers protection.

Carrera is a brand that has invested greatly into the quality of their lenses, you can be sure this fish-eye camera meets the standard the brand has set and managed to maintain all these years. 

While stocks last.


Police sunglasses & Police glasses:

While stocks last.


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