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Ray-Ban Advanced Prescription Lenses:

Add your prescription requirements to this advanced Ray-Ban lens for a lighter lens weight and less magnification/demagnification effect of the wearer’s eye. The advanced Ray-Ban lens provides a vision correction solution at an affordable price.

Single Vision Ray-Ban Tuned

Top Features:

Aspherical stock lens.

Provides correction solution at an affordable price.

Lighter weight lens.

Less magnification/demagnification effect of the wearer's eyes than the spherical form.

Flatter lens base curves.

Progressive or Varifocal Ray-Ban Tuned:

Top Features:

These lenses are perfect for everyday use. These Varifocal lenses are optimised for distance, intermediate and near vision zones, so you will have enhanced vision in all areas. 

Utilises Ray-Ban frame parameters.

Available with the iconic G-15 Transitions. 

Digital Specialist:

Designed for the digital world, this lens provides an optimises intermediate zone without compromising your sight in distance and near vision zones. 


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