Recommended UV Protection for Sunglasses

The sun is finally making an appearance again, so it’s time to dig out last year’s sunglasses or even better replace them with a brand new designer pair from Fashion Eyewear. All our frames are from top fashion brands which use the best materials, lens quality and UV protection. But what is the recommended UV protection for sunglasses to make sure our eyes are protected fully from the sunlight?

What are UV rays?

Even if the sun doesn’t really bother your eyes or vision you should be wearing sunglasses whether you are on a walk, driving or sunbathing. The sun emits ultraviolet rays (UV) that can damage your eyes, these rays can even cut through clouds so don’t be fooled on a cloudy day that your eyes aren’t being exposed to UV rays. 

UV rays are invisible light rays which have high energy, mainly sourced from the sun. There are three types of UV light, UVA, UVB and UVC:

UVA - UVA can easily pass through glass as it is a longer wavelength than UVB or UVC. It is argued whether or not UVA damages your eyes or not. 

UVB - This is the most dangerous of the UV categories. This ray doesn’t go through glass and is protected by sunglasses and sunscreen. 

UVC - This is a UV ray we don’t need to worry about. UVC does not reach the earth because its atmosphere blocks the UV rays. 

How can I help protect my eyes against UV rays?

There are many different types of sunglasses lenses and sometimes it can be a little bit confusing so we will break them down for you:

CE UV400

Wearing sunglasses that block 100% of the rays is the most effective form of protection! UV 400 is the category which will block 100% of UV rays, however, good quality lenses can be from 60% UV protection and above. The CE UV400 is the trademark you want to look out for when buying a new pair of sunglasses. The higher the percentage the better they block the UV rays and your eyes are protected! 

Gradient lenses

These lenses are tinted from top to the bottom of the lens which is the darkest shade. (? is the darkest at the bottom?)You can be as playful with these lenses as you like and get a mixture of colours and shades. Gradient lenses are also useful when driving as they shield your eyes from the sunlight as well as allowing you to see your dashboard!

Photochromic Lenses

These lenses are reactive to the amount of UV light they are exposed to, therefore they adjust their darkness based on how bright the sunlight is. You can add these to your optical glasses as they are a perfect alternative to switching between sunglasses and glasses, they block 100% of the sun’s UV rays too! 

Mirror-Coated Lenses

As well as being fashionable and aesthetically pleasing, mirror-coated lenses are practical as they limit the amount of light entering your eyes. 

Anti-reflective coating

You can add an anti-reflective coating to your sunglasses at Fashion Eyewear to reduce glare and prevent light from reflecting off the back surface of your sunglasses.

Polarised Lenses

Polarised sunglasses are a popular choice, especially with certain brands like Maui Jim and Ray-Ban sunglasses. These lenses reduce glare from bright, light-reflecting flat surfaces - perfect if you drive a lot. 

Adding these lenses to your glasses or sunglasses is very important, each coating or lens feature will match your lifestyle. 

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